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CENOTAFIO (Chi) "La Fatídica..."


Hailing from Temuco (Chile) Cenotafio is a death/black metal band including members of Invehertex and Segregación Primordial. If you are familiar with the sound of Invehertex, you can have a little idea about the offering of Cenotafio. If not let me tell you that the debut album is a suffocating, disturbing and obscure journey into death, transcendence and mysteries realms. You can smell the inert flesh, negativism and the morbidity of emptiness.

No catchy riffs and nice vocals in this one, pure and no-polished death notes with intros and outros almost extracted by madness boundaries.

Both editions include exclusive arts released by Nox Fragor Arts (Black Ceremonial Kult, Invehertex, Unholy Force, Concatenatus, Stutthof, etc).